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Aayan Naim of The Good The Bad and The Blues Sharing the secret

The Blue Note and the Archer by J Rockett Audio 

This is how we make magic.

Making the blues come alive with my J Rockett pedals The Blue Note and the Archer.

BJ Love:
Keyboard and vocals. A master of keys From Hammond B3 to making a grand piano rag time all over itself and everything in between.   He makes every song vibrate with magic and majesty. BJ knows just what to play and when to play it.

Mike Darby:
Drummer and vocals. It is said a good drummer can make an average band good, and a great drummer makes a good band sound real good.  So what do you get when you add Hollywood Mike with a great band? You get an                          


The late Eddie Shaw 

The Good The Bad And

The Blues

Gordon Henry:
Bassist and vocals. What he brings is an unmistakable sound that keeps the groove moving.   After playing all over the world he has chosen to apply his wealth of talent to  ensuring this is the best musical experience you could imagine.

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From Muddy Waters To Motown

The Good, The Bad And The Blues,  

has a sound described by the International Blues Society judging committee  as “The next big thing.” This band of four, has been exciting audiences all over Canada, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia and Michigan. They are the real deal, one audience kept repeating, “They are the real deal.” From soul stirring vocals to a foot stomping back beat, they make it all come alive.

Aayan Naim:
Guitarist and vocals.
His incredibly  soulful  voice and blistering guitar soloing will leave the crowd stunned.   Aayan grew up on the most musical street in Chicago Muddy Waters across the street, Sam Lay next door and Otis Clay two doors down.