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“You can’t play the blues, you have to be the blues,” said Aayan Naim, the bandleader of The Good, The Bad and the Blues, explaining on Saturday why his More than 250 contestants in band and solo/duo categories represented blues societies from all across the globe at the Blues Foundation’s 31st International Blues Challenge. Each had aspirations of making it to the finals in which the top eight in each category performed in the cavernous and regal Orpheum Theatre up the hill on Beale Street. group made it to the storied venue for the IBC Finals. “It’s more than licks and tricks. It’s emotion. It took me a long time to get to that place. I learned to slow down and let people enjoy it.””
- TIM PARSONS, Tahoe Onstage (Feb 11, 2015)

From Muddy Waters To Motown

The Good The Bad And

The Blues

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The rich sound of this band, is a mixture of the fresh new sounds of the new and deep rooted past of Gospel, Blues, Soul and Funk. The blending of influences make a rich dynamic experience that touches every sense of your being, you can feel it, see it and hear it. This band is a full time, hardworking, blues band that gives 100% every second on every songs.

Aayan Naim the front man, Known for his energy, grew up in Chicago directly across the street from Howlin Wolf, talk about blues heritage he’s got it. Playing lead guitar and singing is his thing. He is a true artists and entertainer.

BJ Love, Keyboard and vocals. A master of keys From Hammond B3 to making a grand piano rag time all over itself and everything in between.   He makes every song vibrate with magic and majesty. BJ knows just what to play and when to play it. 

Gordon Henry our bass player his uncompromising style keeps the music moving, creating a foundation that is pure and solid. His unmistakable voice adds richly to the harmonies this band produces.

Mike Darby Drummer and vocals. It is said a good drummer can make an average band good, and a great drummer makes a good band sound real good.  So what do you get when you add Hollywood Mike with a great band? You get an                           INCREDIBLE BAND.

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